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Edward Snowden, The Press And Its Original Mission

In the New Yorker from the 24th of June 2013, John Cassidy, a remarkable open minded brain, pointed to the right focus: the mission of the press.

It is a question of an open, free society, free press, free world in opposition to these countries, that do not have this: Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, China, North-Korea.
The worst in the end…

Snowden did not do wrong! The NSA failed and with them the Goverment of the United States.

He did not harm – the Goverment of the United States is to be blamed.

He announced the crime, he did not commit it.

These are some Statements from the article, John Cassidy wrote:

“This is an individual who is not acting, in my opinion, with noble intent,” General Keith Alexander, the head of the National Security Agency, told ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday. “What Snowden has revealed has caused irreversible and significant damage to our country and to our allies.”

No! Not what he did – but what The NSA did!!! He just made it public.

John Cassidy spent eighteen years at The New Yorker, but did not loose his clear mission:

„In this case, though, I’m with Snowden —not only for the reasons that Drake enumerated but also because of an old-fashioned and maybe naïve inkling that journalists are meant to stick up for the underdog and irritate the powerful. On its side, the Obama Administration has the courts, the intelligence services, Congress, the diplomatic service, much of the media, and most of the American public. Snowden’s got Greenwald, a woman from Wikileaks, and a dodgy travel document from Ecuador.“

I am on the side of the right one, the one who did not kill, but told the public who killed! Of course the killer is huntung him now!